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Fundi’s blood and body parts were removed for use in the inyangas’ muti; Mabelani was set alight inside a car, he claims.

When some of the strikers were killed during a clash with the police on August 13, the explanation in Mr X’s statement is that they were killed either because they were not makarapas or they did not carry out the inyangas’ instructions.

The strikers who took part in the rituals were known as makarapas and had to adhere to the instructions given to them by the inyangas, including waiting for the police to “first fire at us before launching an attack at the police and, if possible, to conduct ourselves in a manner that will provoke the police”.

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The FBI went to his high school when the 15-year-old Mr. The call that meant he would parachute into enemy fire, hack foreign governments, hack our own computers. "You can't imagine." The call from a three initial agency.

X hacked into the largest Internet company in the world and stole 90 million credit card numbers.

"You are going to jail for a long time," they told him. "I was scared to death," he told me when we first met.

Mr X’s statement also reveals how, on August 16, the day of the massacre, “the committee of 15” strikers who were leading the strike decided that, if their wage demands to Lonmin were not met, “the police being a stumbling block to the attainment of our demand … The police no doubt are hoping that these claims will strengthen their case by portraying the strikers as premeditatedly violent and under the influence of muti to make them invisible and invincible to the police.

But as a self-confessed killer, the credibility of Mr X’s evidence will also be under scrutiny.

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