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A field reconnaissance of the dunes at Culla Bay, undertaken at the request of the National Museum of Scotland (NMS) at the end of the last century, led to the discovery of an isolated stone within a wind-eroded hollow upon the crest of the dunes.However, following investigation, it is not believed the stone marks the spot of the grave.But other stories have created further mystery and romance around this landmark, One tells of a brownie - a Scottish hobgoblin-type creature - who are said to have done good deeds for the families they chose to serve.On Skye, it is said a villager called O’Sheen saved the life of a brownie with the two becoming firm friends.A few days afterwards, she was found dead at Cuile, Nunton, nearly two miles away, the legend goes.Her upper body was the size of a “well-fed child” aged three or four but with an abnormally developed breast.

The origin of the Blue Men legend is unclear but possible from Moorish slaves marooned in Ireland in the 9th Century by Viking pirates and slave traders.

Covered in a layer of thick brown hair the Wulver was never human in the first place - unlike the werewolf.

The ancient Celts believed that the Wulver actually evolved from wolves - and represented the in-between stage of man and wolf.

Her hair was long and glossy with the lower part of her body described as “like a salmon, but without the scales.”Mr Duncan Shaw, land agent for Clanranald, baron-bailie and sheriff of the district, ordered a coffin and shroud to be made for the mermaid, who was discovered around 1830.

In the early 1900s, one account stated: “There are persons still living who saw and touched this curious creature, and who give graphic descriptions of its appearance.”It is said the body was buried not far from the shore where the mermaid was found but the location of the grave is not known.

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