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The easiest way to deliver a semi-responsive interface is to attach an Is First Paint boolean to the paint event, and move the intensive part of the work you're doing on Load into Paint. I'm not the only developer to question the meaning of Do Events in .However, for this to work, you still need to yield a bit to give the form time to paint some of its elements-- that means putting a little bit of Do Events spackle in there, prior to going off and doing a bunch of work. NET, as this MSDN threading chat illustrates: Q: What is the reason for maintaining Do Events in the . Why was it not limited to an assembly in the Microsoft. What is the need for Do Events when there is proper support for multi-threaded applications? A: Glenn (Microsoft) Threading is difficult, and should be avoided if there's an easier way. Do Events messes up the normal flow of your application.At first glance you might just add a progress bar and update it every time you do something, but unfortunately your code loop will block the UI thread from updating until complete (although you can throw some in there). If you think this is overkill then a) you obviously don’t know me and b) I’ve been doing this for years, it only takes a little bit more work to add it. Sleep(250) Next End Sub End Class with your own logic, obviously.The code below will show you how to create a multi-threaded app with a responsive UI. 2) Add a Progress Bar and a Button to the form, leave the names the default names 3) Resize the Progress Bar so you can see more of it 4) Double-click the Button to go into code-behind 5) Add a new class to the project called “Worker” and add the following code to it: Option Explicit On Option Strict On Public Class Worker Private _cur Run As Integer Private _max Runs As Integer Public Read Only Property Cur Run() As Integer Get Return Me._cur Run End Get End Property Public Read Only Property Max Runs() As Integer Get Return Me._max Runs End Get End Property Public Sub New(By Val max Runs As Integer) Me._max Runs = max Runs End Sub Public Sub Start() For Me._cur Run = 1 To Me._max Runs System. We’ll instantiate this code in our primary UI thread later, telling it how many times we want it to loop.The best solution I've found until now is to model an UI thread and background threads as two separate processes (implemented as .NET threads) that only communicates through messages and has NO shared memory.Of course, Do Events and Is First Paint are only partial solutions to make the forms look like they load faster.Never underestimate the power of perceived performance, but the actual interface is still unresponsive. When things start happening in asynchronous, indeterminate order instead of the deterministic 1-2-3 order you'd expect..

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Basically, if you find yourself needing to call Do Events anywhere, think about starting another thread instead, or using asynchronous delegates.We also need to make sure the underlying data to be displayed does not change while the UI thread reads it.And simple synchronization is not enough as this will only give atomic access to a single element, when we need to block the entire array while updating the control.Anyhow, the user sees the application still responding and no indication that there's some processing going on.So the user clicks that button again WHILE the processing is going on!

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