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Due to child and early marriages, unplanned pregnancies and childcare responsibilities, the rate of school drop-out among Roma girls is one of the highest in the region—a record 56 per cent (compared with 16 per cent for non-Roma girls) [1].

Data and analyses on the issues that Roma women are facing in Moldova has so far been fragmented.

Photo: UN Women Programme ‘Women in Politics’/Dorin Goian Roma girls in Moldova spend on average less than four years in school, compared to 11 years for non-Roma girls.

The tribunal sentenced him to either marry Svetlana or pay a sum of money to her family for having stolen her virginity. What was the chance that such a marriage would last?

“We could not accept the money,” said Nona “My girl is not for sale. Our decision took the community by surprise, but we knew that what she needed most was for us to stand by her and let her stay with her family, surrounded by our love.” Svetlana’s family decided against reporting the crime to the police to protect Svetlana from further psychological stress, but unlike many other Roma girls, Svetlana continued going to school.

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