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Several days ago, she came in from the pool in this skimpy little yellow string bikini.Now you may ask what's the big deal but in the past she always wore a robe or wrapped a towel around her bottom around me as she left the pool.It would be nothing for her to prance by me in a loose fitting night shirt and only a pair of sheer skimpy panties.I loved catching glimpses of her sweet little panty covered tush.As her young teenage body developes, she appears more like a woman rather than the young girl she really is.She fills the air around her with pure sexual excitement and she is beginning to realize her effects on every man she comes in contact with.In the last two years, Erin has blossomed from a flat chest to a very nice supple B cup.Her hips have widened, her sexy butt is perfectly formed and she is slowly shaping into a very beautiful young woman.

I knew as a father, I should tell her to put more clothes on but my raging cock was doing the thinking, not me.

Most dare not act out on those fantasies in fear of rejection or being caught in the act of incest.

If there was no chance of prosecution or social embarressment, I'm sure any man or woman would act out on their deepest darkest sexual desires, incest.

My experience begins with describing my sexy young 14 year old teenage daughter.

Erin has long straight sandy blonde hair about shoulder length, gorgeous blue-green eyes, stands about 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighs barely 100 pounds.

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