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You might want to turn your top blog posts into a free report or create a video on the topic a high-performing blog post. What I'd like to do is gather more info for segmenting.

Let me know if you have any other questions about this. Stuff like age, sex and fitness interests (e.g., weight loss or building muscle). If I could entice my contacts to update their profile and select these different fields, how do you technically do it? I'm confused though, if you understand how to add the fields to the form, there isn't really another technical barrier.

List segmentation is a tool that lets you view and send campaigns to subscribers who share specific common qualities.

For example, let's say you use our e-commerce features to integrate Mail Chimp with your online store.

You might want to contact people who purchase certain products, so you would create a segment of contacts who ordered a certain product from your connected store.

To easily send to the segment again, save it as auto-update or static.

After you save your segment, we'll store it in the Segments section of your list.

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