Eve dating america dictator

So why are some of her friends praying she'll break up with him?

Teodorin Nguema Obiang, the 35-year-old son of Equatorial Guinea dictator Teodoro Obiang Nguema, spares no expense when it comes to making Eve happy.

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some people on here were claiming that gadaffi's acheivements were no big deal due to libya's tiny population - look at equatorial guinea with a population of only 650,000 and vast oil reserves - where has the money gone?

oh looks like its gone towards funding the lavish lifestyle of this and his family.i hear he used to date the african american hip hop singer Eve - apparently she used to be his "treasurer" smh.

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His father, who has ruled their West African country since 1979, has been accused by Amnesty International of torturing and unjustly imprisoning political opponents, and came in at No.

10 this year on Parade magazine's annual list of the top 10 dictators. Senate report found that Washington's Riggs Bank allowed Obiang and his associates to move millions out of government accounts into personal ones.

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