Consolidating student loans affect credit score

You can buy a home, get approved for a mortgage loan, and still make good on your student loans.

This post discusses student loans and debt; and, is the next in a series meant to help first-time home buyers buy their first home and get approved for their first mortgage.

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There are two types of debt consolidation loan: Debt consolidation loans that are secured against your home are sometimes called homeowner loans.

Many would-be buyers aren't even applying -- worried that their debts will make homeownership impossible.

The truth, though, is that homeownership and student debt aren't mutually-exclusive.

It's different to be a first-time home buyer as compared to an experienced one.

First-time home buyers often skew younger then the general home-buying population which means less work experience, lower income levels, and usually, less money saved for down payment.

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