Hook sex pics

Therefore, I would not recommend this hook to beginners.

It is more suited to those who are intermediate or advanced anal players.

I eventually decided that although this hook could provide g-spot orgasms, it wasn’t perfect for the job.

This Anal Hook is the first to find its way into my collection and as I removed the hook from its packaging, I realised I had imagined it differently. It was larger than we had expected it to be and it had a solid weight to it too.

There was no possibility of simply pulling the ball off. I realised quickly that it would require one incredibly dextrous ass to be able to complete 3, 360 degree turns of the ball while it was inserted.

Simply tighten the ball before each session and you should never have an issue with this.

Anal hooks can be used to provide pleasure, but they are most often used for predicament bondage.

This can include immobilising your partner, using the hook to stop them from moving out of position, or giving them a choice between two ‘evils’.

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